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Our Specializations

At Dr.Rasha Tarif Clinic we serve teens and children and offer them the most advanced care which is related to Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders.

Growth Disorders

If you notice that your child might seem to have a growth disorder, it will be better to check it up as this can prevent him/her from developing normal height, weight or sexual maturity.

Calcium & Phosphorus Disorders

Many problems can occur when the body has too high or too low levels of calcium and phosphorus which impact on bones growth, abdominal groans and psychiatric overtones.

Gonadal Disorders

The gonads are responsible for producing most of the body’s sex hormones for boys and girls and if it is producing too little hormone or so much hormone, health problems can occur.

Always Caring About You

Dr.Rasha Tarif Endocrine Clinic provides long term care for children and teens who are suffering from a variety of endocrine conditions. We have extensive experience in the following specialities.:

  1. Growth Disorders
  2. Childhood Diabetes
  3. Adrenal Disorders
  4. Thyroid Disorders
  5. Pediatric Weight Management
  6. Calcium & Phosphorus Disorders
  7. Gonadal Disorders
  8. Disorders of Puberty

Our Mission

Provide the best caring and treatment services to detect and heal the diseases related to the endocrine system

Our Mission

Our Vision

Healthier Children, healthier Society

Our Vision

Our Philosophy

Collaborate with the different medical organizations to conduct the best new treatments in the field of Endocrine and Diabetes

Our Philosophy

Our Values

Increase the society knowledge about endocrine disorders as we respect our patients’ rights to live a healthy and better life

Our Values

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We build our relationships on trust, respect and responsibility