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At Dr.Rasha Tarif Clinic we serve teens and children and offer them the most advanced care which is related to Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders.

Pediatric Weight Management

We are using the different medical equipment’s to help children’s manage their weight and guide families with new lifestyle changes to gain or loss weights.

Childhood Diabetes

Understanding the types of diabetes and their symptoms is the most important step for managing the disease whether by offering insulin therapy, weight reduction, or non-insulin medication

Adrenal Disorders

Dr. Rasha Tarif has a high experience in diagnosing adrenal and pituitary disorders which effects children growth, sex hormones, sugar control, protein and fat burning and stress.

Growth Disorders

If you notice that your child might seem to have a growth disorder, it will be better to check it up as this can prevent him/her from developing normal height, weight or sexual maturity.

Calcium & Phosphorus Disorders

Many problems can occur when the body has too high or too low levels of calcium and phosphorus which impact on bones growth, abdominal groans and psychiatric overtones.

Gonadal Disorders

The gonads are responsible for producing most of the body’s sex hormones for boys and girls and if it is producing too little hormone or so much hormone, health problems can occur.

Disorders of Puberty

Puberty is a process leading to physical and emotional changes. A puberty disorder happens when these changes don’t occur as they normally should.

Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid disorder cannot be ignored as if thyroid gland is not treated properly, it can lead to critical developmental delays including the brain and the skeleton.

Excellence Care

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